Rosenthal, Morgan, and Thomas is a full service professional debt recovery corporation, specializing in specific types of debt recoveries through out the United States. At Rosenthal, Morgan, and Thomas, Inc., we pride ourselves in taking a professional approach to turning your bad debt back into profit! With a staff of experienced management, accounting and collection representatives, we have the knowledge of what it takes to collect a debt, while adhering to all federal and state guidelines.

Our philosophy: has always been that a business is only as good as the people it employ’s and we work hard to attract the best of the best with in the collections industry. We offer constant support, continued training and the implementation of new technologies daily. By staying true to this philosophy, we have been able to improve productivity and continue to grow our relationships with our clients.

Our goal: of course is to recover as much of your money owed to you as humanly/legally as possible and that’s our job, bottom line. We also strive to develop long term and mutually profitable relationships with our clients, by providing online access to accounts, superior support, and attempting to maintain a TEAM approach with in the relationship. By working together and developing the right programs for your specific needs, we can and will out perform all other on your portfolio.

During these tough economic times, companies have had to adjust there internal procedures to remain profitable and we understand this. We too have taken steps to improve productivity for our clients and reduce consumer complaints, by continually educating our staff on new professional recovery techniques, which enables them to maximize recovery percentages for our clients. One thing in our industry always remains true, the facts are the facts, and regardless of what a consumer may wish to believe, the legalities of there contractual terms cannot be changed. By maintaining a professional approach and explaining the facts to the consumer, we have been able to continue to achieve above average liquidation rates for our clients.

Security: is another key component of our TEAM atmosphere, by continually investing in and maintaining updated enterprise protection from a variation of blended threats, such as virus’s, spyware, adware, data loss, corruption and spam. We pride ourselves in the protection of our client’s secure data.

Industry knowledge is also a key component of our TEAM atmosphere. Each industry we collect for has its own special requirements, when it comes to debt recovery. Understanding an industry and its inner functions, contract terms and procedures has enabled us to improve our relationships and productivity.

Some of the areas we currently specialize in are:

  • Financial Services
  • Utilities
  • Security Contracts (both residential and commercial)
  • Cable and Satellite
  • Bank Card
  • Storage Facilities
  •  Automotive
  • Commercial