We, at Rosenthal, Morgan, and Thomas, Inc., specialize in the recovery needs of the security industry. Our collection staff is well trained to maximize the recovery of monitoring contracts, both residential and commercial.

We offer two different types of programs for the security industry. The first type is full balance recoveries where we will collect the remaining term of the contract owed. The second is our reinstatement program. Our reinstatement program will allow you to retain a good portion of your current customers. This method can costs you, our clients, nothing to get your customer back on track and completely understanding their contractual obligations.

Our staff completely understand the terms of your monitoring contracts, from the 72-hour cancellation clause to the renewal term. Your customers will understand what they signed and why they must pay their debt.

If your current agency is not collecting at least 20-40% of the accounts placed, they are not doing their job! We are so confident in our abilities we will work second placements, to show case our talents. If you’re current agency has had the account for 120 days or more and not collected a dime. Give them to us and let us show you why we are the missing link between you and your companies’ money! If your contracts allow we can add the collections cost to the debt. We only get paid if we collect and we do collect. Together we can develop the right program for your companies’ needs.