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Rosenthal, Morgan, and Thomas, Inc., is a full service professional debt recovery
corporation. Specializing in specific types of debt recoveries through out the United States. We pride ourselves in
taking a professional approach to turning your bad debt back into profit!  There are some very important
questions you should ask when choosing a collection agency to represent your company!
When asking these questions make sure you are comfortable with the
answers provided. If the agency does not understand your industry,
then how can they represent your company and collect your debts?
Take the time to get references from with in your industry and call them.
Our sales staff can tell you all the positives of becoming one of our
client's and that is their job. It just sounds better coming from  your
piers. Our client's can confirm
We Are The Missing Link Between You
And Your Companies MONEY!

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Does the agency understand your industry?
Do they have a proven track record in your industry?
What are their collections procedures?
Are there any upfront cost?
Are we going to be locked into a contract?
Can their collection programs be designed to benefit your needs and
Rosenthal, Morgan & Thomas, Inc.
A Professional Recovery Corporation